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How can I use code-free solutions to effectively configure remote work?

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2020 is nothing less than a revolutionary year.
Masks and disinfectants, flexible working hours and remote work-all this really defines 2020. No one could have imagined that a virus invisible to the naked eye could force people to lock themselves in their homes.

We're talking about the infamous COVID-19. A virus that created a worldwide pandemic situation and forced people to adopt new rules. With new norms and social distance, business has also turned 360 degrees. They began to introduce new solutions for the management of remote work and maintain the productivity of employees.

No code solutions have made isolation and remote work easier for most businesses. Some companies have revised their working methods and successfully implemented solutions without code. Code-free tools have successfully reduced the complexity of the technology environment and opened up growth opportunities for most businesses.

In this blog, let's discuss in detail the deadly combination of no code and remote work. Let's also try to understand the prospects of code-free solutions in the software industry.

What is a code-free solution?

A code-free solution is a lifesaver for anyone who faces problems writing code or has budget constraints for developing an application. It is a software development platform that requires minimal professional programming knowledge to create any software. This allows users to develop their apps in just a few clicks.

No platform code is usually used to create specialized websites, mobile apps, chatbots, and automate business processes. It supports an improved Rapid Agile Development (RAD) process that reduces application development time.

Application development platforms without code allow each business to solve its critical problems and increase its growth prospects. In particular, when working remotely, these platforms help enterprises effectively manage their productivity. Some researchers explained that powerful low-code and no-code platforms undoubtedly served as a boost for web developers during the pandemic and experienced an equally positive response from IT professionals.

Why did companies use tools without code for remote work?

No one expected this pandemic to remain. From small businesses to large giants, every company started making code-free decisions as it continued to expand. Capgemini identified the lack of code as one of the technological trends of enterprises that should be monitored in the coming year.

Let's take a look at some of the main reasons that prompted the adoption of tools without code.

  • The ease of creating applications regardless of IT education has made low-code solutions popular among small and medium-sized businesses. Companies have realized that these tools are worth using and are easy to use for various operations, such as customer service, brand promotion and marketing, maintaining internal communication, etc.
  • Platform without code, of course, accelerate the development of applications. This fact has prompted many companies to develop their own apps or websites. Working remotely, companies came up with various new ideas and implemented them in the shortest possible time with low-code solutions.
  • Solutions that do not require programming skills have allowed companies to experiment without risk. During this pandemic, companies tried different strategies to pursue their target audience and increase their sales. With a code-free solution, they experimented effortlessly with their plan, and sometimes with multiple plans at the same time.
  • Code-free platforms have helped businesses maintain privacy and security when working from home. These platforms have eliminated the problem of shadow IT, allowing businesses to develop their own applications for any purpose .
  • Low-code and no-code solutions have helped IT teams get rid of the increased workload during the pandemic. Code-free platforms support teams in rapid application development and certainly allow them to focus on the high-priority development process. A survey conducted by Forrester also found that developers are switching to no-code or low-code tools while working remotely.
Thus, the lack of code created a favorable environment for most businesses. Various code-free solutions have helped organizations stay flexible in the face of this pandemic.

How did solutions without code help businesses work remotely?

Remote work would be difficult without innovative new technologies. New advancements have helped companies to recreate a virtual model of operation and has made working from home a reality.

These technologies support the management of both employees and customers when working remotely. For example, one well-known clothing brand wasted no time launching an AR-based mobile app during the pandemic. They claimed that the full-featured app was created on a platform without code. This app helped users to try on clothes and make a purchase on their own. And the same thing, sitting at home and never leaving the house. Thus, the code solutions not only helped keep their business intact, but also made it easier for their customers to make purchases.

Code-free tools have made remote work more productive as they provide solutions that strengthen every area of the business. Let's discuss how none of the code did not offer solutions for the overall growth of the business.

  • The lack of code has simplified the application development process and allowed companies to enhance digital media games. This allows companies to attract their audience and build a strong customer base while remote work is underway. At the recent Fintech Belgium Low-Code Digital conference , it was suggested that the lack of code opens up many new opportunities for businesses in the face of this pandemic.
  • Code-free solutions helped businesses serve their customers around the clock, even when their teams were working from home. They help companies create special chatbots and integrate them into their business website. During the lockdown period, when businesses are flooded with customer requests, chatbots helped solve common problems and pass on unusual ones to active agents.
  • Code-free platforms allowed companies to have a continuous and encrypted conversation between team members. Like LEGO, the spirit of a code-free software designer helps in building business communication apps. After rumors of a data leak by the Zoom application spread around the world, many companies immediately developed an application for internal communication using platforms without code.
  • When people started working from home, it was difficult to handle multiple tasks. The companies then integrated various applications to make it easier for employees to work remotely. Integration has automated a number of regular workflows, enabling employees to focus on strategic processes.
  • The task was to analyze the performance and track the attendance of employees. Code-free platforms helped companies develop applications and software that could help them track performance based on employee on-screen activity and working hours.
For many large and experienced companies, there are already tools that allow you to easily switch to remote work. However, many businesses that first experienced the concept of "working from home" needed rapid innovation to sustain their growth. Fortunately, they were saved by code-free solutions that helped maintain productivity in unprecedented circumstances.

Summing up the results

The pandemic, isolation, and working from home are likely to remain for a long time. Many companies have already figured out how to manage and accelerate growth in situations where employees need to work remotely. Although many companies are still trying to maintain a balance between customer service, internal operations and overall growth. So, if you feel the need for code-free solutions for your business, we have the perfect code-free platform for you.

Nwicode is one of the highly recommended no-code solution providers. It allows you to create both simple and complex applications. The software provides a code-free platform that saves you from having to code and helps you bring your ideas to life.