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For developing mobile applications on the platform "Nwicode" fits any hosting that meets the technical requirements of the product:
To the editor of the software product "Nwicode Start" included the license to create one app for Android and ios platforms. By purchasing a copy of "Nwicode: Web Studio or Saas", you can create an unlimited number of applications.

Electronic versions of the products are not subject to VAT in connection with the entry into force on 01 January 2008 the Fourth part of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, article 1 of the Federal Law from 19.07.2007 N 195-FZ "On amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation regarding formation of favorable tax conditions for financing innovative activity".
In the cloud — easier and more reliable. If you have no experience setting up scripts on your hosting and You are not going to make their own improvements and functionality in the source code, we recommend you to use Nwicode in the cloud, as in this case, you will not need to install anything and configure — our administrators have all prednestrovye and took care of the high performance of your app.
Rent-a-Nwicode applications in the cloud and free to use, also make the cloud more cost-effective option get started with your mobile app.

Software product "CMS NWICODE" includes 3 editions, which differ in functionality from content management mobile application to create and run their own business on Saas. The wording differ in the number of modules and additional options.

Required for financial reporting documents (original invoice offer and License) to be sent to:
  • letter of the Russian post with the actual address specified when ordering.
  • within 10 working days of receipt of funds by the order;
  • only to legal entities and individual entrepreneurs when paying with a Bank transfer.
All products "Nwicode" are delivered electronically via email. After confirmation of payment by e-mail, specified when ordering, an email will be sent with a license key, instructions for activating it.

If you have purchased a license via Bank transfer from legal entity or entrepreneur – is required for financial reporting documents are sent by ordinary mail or Mails of Russia on the actual address (which you provided at checkout) within 5 days from the date of payment. The moment of payment is the receipt of the Customer's funds to the Bank account.
Purchase products "Nwicode" is a public offer. Under this type of transaction contract signing is not required.

Account-offer is a written offer (offer) of the Licensor to enter into a license agreement allocated to the Licensee in accordance with articles 432-444 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation (further – GK). License agreement (exclusive license) is concluded by acceptance (acceptance) of an offer by the Licensee in the prescribed manner (clause 3 of article 438 of the civil code), which is considered compliance with the written form of the contract (clause 3 of article 434 of the civil code).

When ordering a software product "NWICODE" you can choose "payment Method" -> "Payment through Bank" and after filling out payment details will be automatically completed invoices with the terms of the offer.

Before purchasing a product, you can examine and test the system capabilities "Nwicode". To do this, download and install the demo (trial) version of edition START hosting.

If You don't have your own hosting, then You can watch all of the functionality of our cloud solution:

The procedure for the transfer of rights to use software under the license agreement in the form of the offer is determined by paragraph 7 Invoice offer (License agreement), hereinafter the offer.

Rights are considered transferred from the moment of conclusion of the contract. The contract is concluded at the moment of payment, that is, by proper acceptance of the offer (clause 3 of article 438 of the civil code). No special documents (certificates etc.) to confirm the transfer of rights from the terms of the transaction are not required and will not be issued.

Confirmation of the legality of the use and evidence of the expenses the Licensee is in accordance with clause 7 of the offer, the set of documents, which include the very offer, payment documents on payment of the account and license.

In addition, the provisions of the civil legislation of the Russian Federation in terms of license agreements do not oblige the parties to make certain acts.

In connection with the above, the requirements about the design of "acts" in the amount of the license fee follow neither from the law nor from the offer.


From 01 January 2014 in Russia stops issuing VAT invoices for those sales that are exempt from VAT (latinousa) under article 149 of the tax code.

Base – section 3 of article 3 of the Federal act 420-FZ of 28.12.2013 G. (published in "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" № 6271 30.12.2013)

The granting of rights to use computer software is not subject to VAT on the basis of PP.26 paragraph 2 article 149 of NK of the Russian Federation. This means that "sellers" of the software must cease to issue invoices for the license (sublicense) contracts.

Thus, the order of the program "NWICODE" and solutions "Marketplace" invoices are not displayed.

Financial documents that will be sent to you:
  • the original invoice offer;
  • license.

As the experience of our customers, for most standard tasks of a content management application enough visual tools that can be used by any user without special programming skills, etc.

In addition to the regular tasks of content management (adding news, price changes, etc.), using the "Nwicode" you can easily solve more complex tasks: to change the structure and composition of the information blocks on pages, create new sections and pages of the application, be placed on new functionality etc.

For a detailed study of the features of the software you can refer to our knowledge base, which is a step by step description of any settings.
Technical support, supporting partners, customers and all users of software products under a license agreement.

The support requests are accepted only in written form in the sectiontechnical support

The maximum response time to the appeal:
  • for owners of active licenses — 6 business hours
  • for partners — 5 working hours
  • the work schedule of technical support for other users does not exceed 8 hours
It is important to create a case to technical support after logging in!

Support is open from 10:00 to 19:00 Moscow time, Monday through Friday, excluding weekends and holidays officially adopted by the Russian Federation.

What are updates and why do they need?
Updates are produced by our company improvement and refinement of software products, as well as brand new functionality for them.

The updates allow you to:
  • automatically receive amendments and additions to include new features
  • download add-ons that affect the system performance;
  • download updates for security (it is imperative to deal with the new types of potential threats).
What happens to the app if you do not update the product?
Your application will work regardless of whether you upgrade or not (that is, active license or not).
We recommend you to renew your license key to get new features and be sure that your system is protected.

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