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Discontinuing support for versions 1.3.5 and switching to Nwicode 2.0

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How to upgrade to the new version of the Nwicode 2.0 platform

Start using Nwicode 2.0 for your projects ...

On November 12th we finished testing and released the beta version of Nwicode 2.0. It has a user-friendly interface, can withstand high loads, the architecture and performance of the administrative part of the platform are improved. At this stage, our improvements are not complete and many useful features are planned. The stable version will be released after receiving feedback from our users and successful testing on all devices.

Migration and favorable conditions for switching from Nwicode 1.3.5 to Nwicode 2.0

We stopped supporting Nwicode 1.3.5, but you can still use It as before.

Due to the many new system configurations, it is not possible to create a universal migration solution. Therefore, we help each client individually, using a semi-automatic transfer tool. If you want to migrate projects from Nwicode 1.3.5 to Nwicode 2.0, please contact us. We are waiting for your emails in the support service on the site.

For clients with active Nwicode 1.3.5 licenses, there is a special offer: you can use Nwicode 2.0 by installing a new build on your server and activate the license for the same period as for your version 1.3.5. in this case, you will have 2 platforms running simultaneously until the end of the license period.

Conceptual differences and improvements in the new version

The most noticeable difference between the two generations is the interface. And it's not just about the design. Differences in performance and responsiveness. The Nwicode 1.3.5 interface is outdated in both appearance and"behavior". The first is visible to the naked eye, and the second is noticeable when performing long operations.

A completely new accessible interface, convenient and intuitive for the user. Ability to see the server load in real time. The new feature for creating the layout of the app's home page also took the product to a new level. In the previous version of the platform, we used standard, similar layouts for the main page menu. now this is a completely new App creator, where everyone can create their own unique mobile app design.

To increase responsiveness, communication with the server is performed using the REST API and WebSocket. In most cases, we try to use non-blocking or deferred operations. The client side is notified of any changes in the application, whether it is registering a new user or receiving an order in the online store, through a special service. This service learns about changes and displays information in a special block at the top of the admin panel.

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Thus, the interface of Nwicode 2.0 has not only become more modern, but also more convenient, responsive and "friendly".

Solve problems

Statistics and monitoring ( only for the "Start and Studio" version )

Statistics and monitoring services are indispensable assistants for every system administrator. They allow you to quickly respond to abnormal situations that occur on the server. A sudden influx of users, a DDoS attack, or a script that doesn't work correctly can put a heavy load on the VM. If you do not take action, it will fail, as well as the site or project located on it. It is convenient when the monitoring system is included in the panel.

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Task management

Added new features for managing the application and automating business processes. One of the main functions is Webhooks, now you can send various events to any CRM, Google forms, etc.

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For managers and administrators of the application, it became possible to add notes (records) of cases.

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Right now you can try Nwicode "Studio"for free. To test it, leave a request and follow the instructions in the response email.