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International market entry and digital transformation of Nwicode

| 28 :
Nwicode opens its third office, this time in the United States
Nwicode has entered the international market since 2021 with a new office in New York. The official registration of Nwicode Inc took place on July 16, 2020 in the state of Delaware, USA.

Nwicode is now in an optimal position to help its customers from different regions easily and cost-effectively develop their software ideas and get to market faster. The move underlines Nwicode's rapid international growth, with offices currently open in three cities, including Moscow, New York and Istanbul.

Nwicode already serves a growing number of companies in Russia and Turkey. For small and midsize businesses, startups and enterprises across all market verticals, Nwicode offers much-needed standardization and transparency in software and application development, and the ease of managing and scaling their applications through automation and built-in support teams. We look forward to continuing our expansion and offering more entrepreneurs and companies the opportunity to pursue their software ideas.

Today we have set ourselves the most ambitious goals and objectives that will help our clients to be leaders in the digital product market. We started developing a comprehensive platform that will help our clients create, launch and adapt mobile applications to their needs. We have started implementing artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence - LED startup technology is the creation of a mobile application builder where people can post their requirements and get the desired application using a voice assistant. We believe that the AI-driven platform will help users save time learning all the design tools and significantly reduce the burden on technical support.

Artificial Intelligence is not only helping to accelerate the pace of technology advancement, but it is also helping companies unlock new business opportunities and drive revenue for the digital economy. New AI functions will be introduced directly into the created applications, companies will be able to independently participate in machine learning (without code).